About Us

DUCTZ professionals use patented processes, specialized equipment and tools, and the most advanced techniques available in the market today. 

Powerful High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA)-filtered collection units are attached to your duct system, create a negative pressure on the system and safely exhaust clean air. Mechanical agitation and brushing tools are used along with our compressed air tools to dislodge debris on the surface of the entire duct system.  The vacuum equipment then carries away dirt and debris to a collection device – your home is kept clean from HVAC system debris during the entire process.

Our certified technicians clean your entire HVAC system, including air ducts, coils, drain pan, registers, grills, air plenum, blower motor and assembly  Once dirt and debris are removed, all ducts and HVAC components are inspected visually, all access openings are sealed and our DUCTZ professionals ensure your HVAC system is thoroughly inspected, tested and operating at optimized performance levels.  After all work is completed, our DUCTZ professionals leave your home free from any residual debris.


Improperly cleaned air ducts have actually been proven to cause indoor air quality problems. Inadequately trained or careless service providers can potentially damage your ducts and your heating and cooling system. This could potentially increase your heating and air conditioning costs, and also result in costly repairs or replacements to your HVAC system.

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